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CeMAT ASIA 2017: Intelligent Logistics' New Achievements 3

28 Aug 2017 -
All along, CeMAT ASIA is actively integrating the world's advanced logistics technologies to promote innovation and development of China's logistics. As China has become the world's largest logistics equipment market, the demand for advanced logistics technologies and equipment continues to rise, more and more domestic and overseas enterprises join the CeMAT ASIA family, continuously expanding  the exhibition’s scale. This year, a large number of Chinese and foreign leading solution providers (e.g., Dematic, SSI SCHAEFER, TGW, Swisslog, Vanderlande, Intelligrated, SFA, CSIC, BMHRI, RIAMB, Siasun, Zhongding Integration, VSTRONG, China Post Technology and Gangyu) for automated logistics systems, equipment sorting & picking suppliers (e.g., Interroll, Damon and Intralox), shelves manufacturers (e.g., Jingxing, INFORM, NOVA and OTL) and forklift manufacturers (e.g., Hangcha, Heli, BYD, XGMA, Ruyi and Noblelift) joined hands with new theme "Intelligent Forklift Pavilion" and a great many logistic control and software, warehouse robots (similar to kivas) to gather together with famous enterprises in AGV field, etc., thus providing thousands of worldwide professional audiences with latest logistics technologies and equipment, and advanced logistics solutions, as well as improving the cognitive level of tens of thousands of trade visitors with a number of benchmark projects. 

Diversified and professional forums have become the hallmarks of CeMAT ASIA. CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon (N1 Hall), with the core value of exchanging ideas on technological development, sharing application cases and discussing future trend, is also scheduled to kick off. Since its inception in 2013, the Innovation Salon has integrated logistics equipment manufacturers, system integrators, user enterprises, industry associations and media resources, providing a neutral, open and free platform for communication. Here, you can wander in the ocean of new technologies, experience the passion of new ideas and new thoughts, get inspired in a brainstorm and constantly expand the way of thinking after exchanges with industry elites. The 2017 Innovation Salon will be held simultaneously with the CeMAT ASIA by focusing on the theme of "Intelligent Logistics", and discuss the future trends of logistics application industries such as fresh food, intelligent manufacturing, automobiles and clothing. With more than 30 keynote speeches, daily round-table conferences, gathering of domestic and overseas top logistics talents, the 2017 Innovation Salon will, as always, become the most dazzling gem on the crown of CeMAT ASIA. 

Meanwhile, the CeMAT ASIA attaches great importance to innovation in the value chain. While building display platforms for exhibitors, CeMAT ASIA also actively erects bridges for communication and cooperation, attracting logistics enterprises, manufacturers and commercial and trade enterprises from around the world to participate in various activities on the venue. As a result, the number of participants increases year by year and onsite response becomes increasingly strong. It is reported that in 2016 the CeMAT ASIA organized a total of 115 face-to-face business talks, and 79% of the invited buyers had procurement intention on the spot. 

This year, the organizers will launch over 20 technical forums by focusing on application industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, vehicle and parts logistics, cold chain, retail, and intelligent manufacturing, which can enable participants to have face-to-face communications with over 3,000 experts in the in the industry. The exhibition also attracts user visiting groups from industries like E-commerce, food, tobacco, retail, automobile, pharmaceutical and clothing, as well as those from countries and regions such as Germany, America, Russia, Turkey, India, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. That further highlights the great success of the CeMAT ASIA. 

If you want to enjoy a "grand feast" of intelligent logistics technologies and communicate with global logistics experts, welcome the logistics event, CeMAT ASIA - in Shanghai from October 31 to November 3. Let us join hands to facilitate China's intelligent logistics industry in forging ahead! 

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