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CeMAT ASIA 2017 Intelligent Logistics New Achievements 1

10 Aug 2017 -
Currently, a new round of industrial transformation represented by intelligent manufacturing is on the rise across the world. Digitization, network and intellectualization have increasingly become a major development trend of the manufacturing industry. The world's major industrially advanced countries are quickening their pace to make arrangements, thus driving the development of intelligent manufacturing to reshape the competitive edges of the manufacturing industry. 

Meanwhile, "new retail" gained popularity, making online and offline omni-channel integration development become an inexorable trend. Against this backdrop, traditional retail and E-commerce giants begin to explore their own development paths. Facing such a new situation, the logistics industry is considered as a strong support for promoting China's economic transformation and upgrading, receiving more and more attention. 

In 2015, China proposed the Made in China 2025 strategy. After two years of development, a range of promotion policies, under the big push of governments at all levels, have been rolled out. A large number of industry-leading benchmark projects in the intelligent manufacturing sector have been put in place and piloted. During the process, a growing number of Chinese manufacturers are aware that the logistics system, as an important part of the intelligent manufacturing system, is not only a core link for them to realize transformation and upgrading as well as a key step to elevate overall efficiency and build an excellent supply chain. Also, more experts said that Industry 4.0 is in fact Logistics 4.0 and that intelligent logistics is the basis of Industry 4.0. More often than not, advanced logistics technologies and solutions are applied in product manufacturing, laying a logistics foundation for enterprises to realize intelligent manufacturing. However, there is no doubt that most manufacturers' operation level in logistics management is low, so Industry 4.0 is still in its infancy and there is still a long way to go. 

Meanwhile, the "new retail" era has been opened in China. The so-called new retail is   a new round of circulation industry reform resulting from restructuring marketing channels and supply chain system by taking the Internet as the infrastructure, Big Data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things as technical support, and consumers as the core. The new retail sets great store by customer experience and precision services, requiring a comprehensive reform and upgrade of the logistics system supporting development, and building an integrated and collaborative new logistics ecology. That will promote enterprises' reform in logistics concept, model innovation and improvement of management and technical level. 
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