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How to maintain your forklift 2

01 Aug 2017 -
Regularly monitor fluid levels 
As with any motor vehicle, the fluid levels in a forklift are vital to its performance. They ensure the engine runs smoothly and that the working parts perform efficiently. So make sure that all the various fluids are regularly topped up. These include everything from the motor oil and coolant, as well as the transmission and hydraulic fluids. 

Check gauges and lights on the dashboard 
When it comes to any piece of machinery, problems do not always become immediately apparent. This means it is always a good idea to check all gauges to see if there are any problems. The lights and gauges on a forklift panel are often the first indication of a malfunction. So, even if the forklift appears to be operating fine, watch these gauges and get the vehicle checked on the first indication of a problem. 
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