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How to maintain your forklift 3

10 Aug 2017 -
Keep the tyres inflated 
This may seem obvious, but it doesn’t make it any less important. Always make sure that the tyres on your forklift truck are fully inflated, have sufficient air pressure, and are in good condition. Poorly maintained and unbalanced tyres could easily see the forklift topple over, causing significant danger to staff, as well as damage to the warehouse and any goods the truck is carrying. 

Always use quality parts 
All businesses have financial pressure, and cutting corners on quality parts can sometimes seem like a price worth paying. This is not the case with forklifts. As a vital tool for your business and a potential safety hazard, only ever use the finest parts available. Not only will this keep staff safe, it will save money in the longer term as your forklift will break down less frequently and require less costly repairs. This is also true of a forklift that is regularly checked, even when there are no problems. 
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