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How to maintain your forklift 1

25 Jul 2017 -
When safely operated, forklifts help take the weight off staff and can get the job of multiple people done quickly and efficiently. However, as complex pieces of machinery, they do tend to wear out and break down over time. That means it is crucially important to create a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your business’s forklifts are kept in the best possible shape. 

To help you do this we have compiled some of the most important things you need to cover to keep your forklift truck in full working order. 

Ensure moving parts are well lubricated 
By their very nature, forklifts have a number of moving parts. As these moving parts tend to take much of the strain of constantly lifting and lowering heavy pallets and materials, it is extremely important to make sure that these parts are as well lubricated as possible. This helps fight against the damaging effects of friction which will break down your forklift quicker than you think. So with this in mind, regularly grease all fittings on the forklift and ensure any worn-down ball bearings are replaced straight away. 

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